Sunday, June 11, 2006


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Here is a young heron that I saw at the zoo. He's sitting on the platform where they feed the crocodiles. This picture is cropped in quite a bit, but I think it came out pretty well for as far away as it was.

Sounds like everyone at Mom and Dad's is having a grand time. Wish we could be there! I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of everyone.

We got about 1/2+ inch of rain today, with the prospect of more to come in the next few days as tropical storm Alberto does its thing. Doesn't look to be much of a storm at this point, but we should get some rain at least. Don't think the winds will be much to worry about.We've had a good weekend so far. Dinner last night was sub-par at Durangos; got a waitress that didn't do a whole lot and the steak Anne and Sally shared was not too great either. Other than that it was great!

Hope all are well!


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