Saturday, July 01, 2006


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Here is a picture of one of the passion flower blooms in the butterfly garden. The plants are starting to look better, as we have had a good amount of rain this week. We're supposed to have a chance for more over the next few days. Hopefully not today, so the shuttle can launch on time. We will be able to see it from the front yard (if we don't forget to go look!). Actually from this distance the launches all look sort of alike.

The most interesting thing I have done over the last few days is figure out the combination to my old padlock that I want to use at the gym. Sally found the lock for me, and it was open but there was no sign of the combination. I thought I remembered it (until I locked it and tried to open it). Oops. Before getting a new one, I decided to look online and see what I could find.

Turns out there is a way to narrow down the number of possibilities for the combination to only 100 if you have an older Master lock. The basic idea is that you can figure out the last number by pulling on the shank and turning the dial, and seeing where it sticks. If all goes well it will stick in 12 places, one of which is the last number. You can actually figure out which of the 12 is the last number also. At that point, there are only 10 possible first numbers and 10 possible second numbers, so you only have to try 100 combinations. (Not as many as it sounds like).

I was led astray at this point, because I thought I knew the last number, so I didn't investigate the 12 possibilities as closely as I should have. Turned out I was wrong, and the last number was one of the 12 I did not suspect. If I had trusted the directions (and known what I know now) I would have found the last number right away.

It opened on the 25th try, so it only took about 5 minutes once I had picked the last number correctly.

So, if you have an old master lock combination lock you can't open, don't throw it away!

All is well here, as we count down to the Anne's birthday!


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