Sunday, July 30, 2006


Swan nature wildlife
Originally uploaded by mwalters2004.
Here is a picture I took the other night when I took my new tripod (b-day and anniversary present from Sally) out to play with it. I used a longer exposure as an experiment, and think it came out interesting, it's nice and peaceful looking.

The last four days have gone by way too fast, but they were great. My birthday especially was real good. Friday the UPS man showed up with my tripod, which is real nice and allows me to try things I couldn't do before. Saturday and today were nice and quiet. Went to the zoo this afternoon and took some pictures of the alligator and crocodile feeding, some of which are OK but not great. Perhaps you'll see one of them in the near future ..

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to use my birthday loot for, so my current plan is to save it! I need probably one more lens at the wide angle end, and then I will be more or less happy for a while (ha). Other than that, I don't need too much!

Hope all are well!


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